What Would the World Look Like if your Work Went Viral? What Would Change?

The first video I ever posted on Youtube went viral.

It was called the Gratitude Dance (watch it at the bottom of this post).

It was just a silly dance with some fun music, where we tried to get people to focus more on the things they were grateful for and less on the things that are wrong with the world.

The viral video led to a year and half of speaking around North America at events (mostly with youth) and to hundreds or thousands of people uploading their own versions of the dance to Youtube.

For a short blip, our video and message spread like wildfire, uplifting and inspiring an attitude of gratitude amongst hundreds of thousands of people. Probably millions of people if you count all of the events we spoke at and additional Gratitude Dance videos that were uploaded.

At the time, our intention was not to create a viral video. We didn’t even know what that was. We just wanted to share a message that felt important to us.

So often in the worlds of online learning and marketing, WE, the teachers, transformation facilitators and media makers lose our way.

We over focus on funnels, conversions, automations, tools, technology and to-do lists…

We forget about the true reasons for why we even got into the work we are now doing in the world.

We make it about generating more money, more time and hopefully….. more impact.

We lose site of our roots and our core mission; The thing that motivates us to wake up in the morning and focus on the next task.

I have lost site many many times over the years.

How do I know when I lose site? 

I begin to doubt myself, question why I’m doing things, I resist taking action and the work begins to feel like WORK.

However, when I am clear, inspired and in alignment with my core mission, things flow and the work becomes effortless, or at the very least, exciting.

Last weekend I had an opportunity to do a deep check in with myself.

The video below walks you through the questions I contemplated and offers you some questions to write in your journal about.

Download and Listen to the Audio Version:

Journaling Questions:

1. What is the greatest possible impact the work you are doing could have in the world? Write your biggest vision out.

2. Imagine your work went viral on the internet and it became a new kind of culture where there are masses of people who believe what you believe, stand behind your message and are advocates for the work you do. What would the world look like if your work/message went viral? What would change?


3. What is the role you play in people’s lives when they come to work with you? What are the qualities? What is the primary purpose you serve in those relationships? Where do people usually move on from working with you?


4. Imagine you were one of the top 10 most sought after experts or teachers for your particular topic or industry and your viewpoints and processes became adopted by the mainstream. Now imagine you had a membership site where you could curate the information you share and grow a community. How much revenue do you imagine is possible if this were your reality?


5. If you were making that much money, what are THREE “greater good projects” you would invest it into? Write more if you have more you want to contribute to.


Here is the Gratitude Dance video that went viral.

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