What we do and why we do it

How We've put all of this into action

The Great eCourse Adventure is an entertaining and transformational journey that was made to keep you engaged, inspired and excited to take your next steps as you develop the greatest, most creative eCourse you can possibly imagine.

We don’t just teach you to make ‘another eCourse,’ we teach you to create an eCourse that looks and feels like a piece of art. One that you’re A) excited to share, and B) lands home with the people you created it for.

Developing your dream course is a creative vision quest and it’s natural for resistance to come up as you put your heart and soul into something you believe in.

This is why we’ve done everything we could think of to make your journey of creating, marketing and selling your eCourse more enjoyable than binge-watching Netflix.

Are you up for the adventure of being a pioneer and bringing an eCourse revolution to life by creating something that is truly unique and transformational?

We created a short series of lessons to help you get a taste of the Adventure

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Meet Andy and Bradley - your eCourse Adventure Guides!

Bradley and Andy are the creators and guides of The Great eCourse Adventure. Rather than seeing online courses as just another "business opportunity," they approach them as an art-form, much like music, movies or video games.

They've developed an entirely new kind of media experience where students aren’t just consumers of information, but active participants in their own learning process.

The Great eCourse Adventure merges multiple art forms and types of media together to teach aspiring eCourse creators how to develop a truly remarkable, unique and engaging course.

Their mission is to create the most transformational and immersive eLearning experiences they possibly can, and to share their discoveries around the digital campfire with their community of revolutionary eCourse creators from all across the map.

Bradley T. Morris

ADventure Guide & Content Creator

Since 2007, Bradley has taught more than 500 meditation, business and personal growth workshops and led retreats around the world. In 2012, he wanted to get into the eCourse game and since then has launched six courses that have spanned more than 30 countries. 

Bradley brings his love for creative expression, comedy, self reflection and personal transformation to his role as a coach, helping adventurous entrepreneurs develop highly engaging eCourses that improve their customer's lives. 

For fun, he plays professional golf tournaments (a life-long dream come true).

More about Bradley at BradleyTMorris.com

Andy Freist

Adventure Guide & Platform Developer

Part tech geek, part musician, part artist and laid back Hawaii-living beach bum. When he's not out playing music and producing dance events, Andy spends his days channeling his love for technology and artistry into working with businesses and entrepreneurs.

He supports visionary entrepreneurs in creating powerful eCourse platforms and potent customer experiences.​

His specialty is online design, brand architecture and crafting engaging customer experiences from websites, eCourses to in person events and beyond.​

More about Andy at ZenTeach.com

Blair Armstrong

Film Director & Producer

Co-founder of SoulFam Productions (with Bradley), Blair is a longtime producer, musician, composer, videographer, professional editor and creative genius.

Blair's ability to direct and create masterful video, music and soundscape compilations is the only reason Bradley & Andy have been able to turn their crazy idea into a reality.

More about Blair at SoulFamPro.com

Michael Mann

Animation & Graphic Design

Michael A. Mann is a visual storyteller who uses the mediums of video, live performance, animation, graphic design and illustration to communicate with audiences.

Mr Mann loves using creativity and fun for for the world’s benefit and to help people have the life they want.

More about Michael at Mannkind.Flavors.me