The Key To Creating A Course That People Give A S**t About

Today, the average human’s attention span is approximately 12 seconds.

12 seconds.

How do we craft eLearning experiences that keep students engaged long enough to get the results they signed up for?

This is the question more course creators need to be asking.

We believe the solution to “think outside the blueprint.”

Don’t get us wrong.

Blueprints are great.

We all need a solid framework and foundation to build upon.

But the blueprint alone is purely mechanical.

A truly outstanding e-course goes far above and beyond providing a series of steps to take.

Four walls, a roof and a floor is not what makes a house a home.

  • The feeling of our love and passion
  • The sight of our favorite art on the wall
  • The smell of dinner cooking on the stove
  • Mementos and memories of our stories and experiences.

These are the things that make our square box feel like home.

What’s this have to do with eCourses?


Anyone can build an eCourse these days.

We have more tools available to us than ever before. Which is awesome.

However, with attention spans being at an all time low, we need to get creative to keep our audience engaged.

Embrace this, or struggle to make your course succeed. Your choice.

The old paradigm:

  1. Make a series of talking heads videos or slide-show presentations (boring)
  2. Give downloadable PDF, which is really just video transcripts (lame)
  3. Run a private Facebook community (full of distractions)

This approach is clearly NOT working.

The numbers don’t lie.

The dropout rate for online courses is somewhere between 80-97%.

According to Seth Godin, it’s 97%. Other sources cite around 80%.

Whatever the case, the industry standard success rate sucks. It sucks HARD.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

Raise your hand if you are tired of the same old pitch and the same old course with a different cover.

It’s ridiculously predictable and it’s making people paranoid.

Everyone’s like, “F$*K, can I just find a teacher who is real and a course that truly delivers!?”

The good news is that this issue is paving the way for a huge opportunity.

Honest teachers that are willing to go above and beyond to serve their students are in high demand.

We’re beginning to see a surge of innovative, creative, wildly unique courses and brand new ways to teach, facilitate transformation and market online.

That’s evolution baby!!

Someday (soon) we will look back on the $2000 powerpoint presentations of our time and laugh.

The word “eCourse” as we know it is going through a huge transformation.

This change begins with a mental shift.

We must treat eCourse creation like it’s an art-form, in the same way we do music, movies and video games.

Most courses are left brain dominant.

They feed the student information, facts and linear steps, but they forget to include the right brain in the learning process.

This is a big mistake.

People need right brain stimulation to engage, process, digest and integrate information. The right brain is the key to facilitating lasting, effective change for our students.

However, it’s not about just the right brain either…

As Evan Williams, the founder of Twitter says so well:

“It is ‘whole-brain’ that makes innovation possible.”

The purpose of creating an eCourse is to give students a path to follow in order to achieve a specific result (left brain). As modern eCourse creators, our job is to come up with the most engaging and enjoyable way to do this (right brain).

Right brain learning is imperative.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.57.25 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.57.40 AM

Creating a whole brain eLearning experience

Take your step-by-step blueprint and infuse it with your creative brilliance. Don’t just give students another cheap powerpoint presentation.

Instead, transform their lives with an imaginative transmedia experience.

If you say, “well, I’m not a creative person,” then team up with one or two of your creative friends who are hungry for a meaningful project to sink their talent and passion into and split the profits with them.

Because as they say, “Good art makes money!” Especially when it transforms lives.

This is what we did for the Great eCourse Adventure and the results have been far beyond anything any of us could have done on our own as solopreneurs.

Treat your eCourse as a work of art. Because it IS a work of art.

  • Break free from the mould.
  • Don’t let “good enough” suffice any longer.
  • Seek to discover your creative edge.

Create epic learning experiences that people flock to NOT because of your great sales copy or fantastic funnel, but because they’ve been moved by what you stand for and what you’ve built for them.

Put on your adventure hat, because this is where the fun begins.

Here is a list of questions to get you started in the “Art of eCourse Creation.”

  1. What would change if you were to approach eCourse creation like it’s an art project?
  2. What are your favourite art-forms that you could apply to your eCourse lessons, platform and brand to make the content more beautiful and engaging?
  3. How would you most want to learn? What styles of art, entertainment and educating would keep you excited?
  4. What would make you pull out the wallet and buy your course? Are you doing this now?

Don’t worry about the “how” yet. Just focus on the “what”.

With today’s tools and talent available, the HOW is the easy part.

Share your epiphanies, questions and thoughts below. We’d love to hear from you!

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Brian Parsons says July 16, 2016

OK… Bradidude (+baby) and Andydude (+drumkit)… I would add to this the fact their is drift on internet towards “shallow thinking” and away from “deep thinking” focus, which will / is having a major impact on how people learn… so if that is the case… any thoughts on how to get around… if a lot of education / learning requires people to go deeper into an experience… and a lot of people are staying in the shallows… how do we get / engage them to plunge in?

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