How to Not Have a Boring Welcome Video that Makes New Students Quit Before Starting

You only have one first impression to take your students from “excited” to “really f**king  excited!”

When a student gives you money to sign up for your course, the last thing you want is for that excited high to immediately drain from their body when they start watching your boring welcome video.

No no no. That just won’t do!

That first welcome video sets the pace and foundation for the rest of your student’s eLearning adventure with you. You making it awesome sets them up for success.

So have fun making it good!

A few months ago, I wrote an article on designing excellent onboarding experiences. That is here.

We are constnatly tweaking our course, always trying to make it better.

Just this week, I updated our welcome video. My intention was to capture the attention and imagination of our new students who are about to climb the mountain and give them the information they need to successfully reach Launch Summit.

The rest of the videos in our onboarding series help new students immerse themselves in the community and adventure vibe.

Here is our new welcome video, which is the first thing students will see when they sign up for their free 14-day trial in the Great eCourse Adventure.

5 Things to Include in your Welcome Video

1. Take them from excited to “really f**king excited.”

You want your welcome video to reassure them that they made a good choice in signing up. So paint the picture for what your course is all about and why they should be excited about the learning journey they just said yes to.

2. Make them feel special.

Help them see that this isn’t just another course and they aren’t just another number in the bank account. Do whatever it takes to genuinely show you care and that you’re excited they signed up for your course. Love them up with appreciation.

3. Let them know how to get the results they came for.

As you saw in the video above, we encourage them to do our free Masterclass and Mini-Course before beginning their ascent up the mountain. In our opinion, this is the best way to ensure their success and understanding of our philosophies and approach.

4. Share a taste of what’s to come.

Your welcome video is their first glimpse into your course. If it’s boring, then they’ll think your course is boring and will slowly become less interested. Set them up for an exciting learning journey and give them a reason to stick around.

5. Give them a clear call to action.

There is nothing worst than vagueness, especially in online learning. Make sure that every single video and step along the way has an extremely clear call to action for what they are to do next and how to do that.


I know this isn’t rocket science. But the silly truth is, so many course creators don’t think about these little details.

You need to look at yourself as an experience designer. Your one and only job is to facilitate an awesome enough experience that your students stick around long enough to get the results they signed up for.

Your welcome video is their first impression. So make it good.

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