Understand the Power of Themeification: Transform your Boring Course into an Immersive Learning Environment

Everybody who sets out to build an online course wants it to be EPIC.

You want it to be seen as something that is truly valuable and unique.

You want it to be a memorable experience for your students.

You want it to truly change their lives.

You want them to tell their friends about it as a result of that transformation.

But most courses come nowhere near that level of AWESOMENESS.

Most students fail to achieve the results they were promised when signing up.

Themeification is a term we came up with when creating the Great eCourse Adventure.

Through the power of a theme, you take your course from “boring and meh” and you transform it into an immersive learning environment.

Your theme essentially turns your course into a world.

The audio clip below goes deep on what themeification is and how to themefy your eCourse. I also share more than a half a dozen great examples of themeified courses.

It was from a coaching session I did for eCourse Adventure members.

Below the audio player are some afterthoughts and additional resources that will help you understand themefication and how to apply it to your current and future courses.

Download and Listen to this Themeification Deep Dive

Afterthoughts and Additional Themeification Resources

Curriculum is key. You need to have clear and awesome lessons that actually teach your students in an effective way.

Your theme is the magical thing that fits around your curriculum to make your course more interesting, unique and exciting.

If your theme is the world you are inviting students into, then make it a world that they will want to inhabit and participate in.

When choosing your theme, make sure it’s a theme that your intended students will relate to.

Ensure that the personality of you and your ideal student match the vibe and personality of your course. As you can see, The Great eCourse Adventure has a very unique vibe and energy about it. Your course theme will help you stand out in the same way.

Your theme needs to make sense. It needs to be doable. You need to be able to create that world based on your current skills. Or find a team who can help you make your vision come to life. 

Your online community is the village within your world that makes your inhabitants feel at home.

Build a course that you would want to buy. Never settle for mediocrity. If you don’t believe in what you’re creating, then why should anybody purchase it or want to go through it?

Building the greatest course you can possibly imagine is an adventure. So slow down, get creative and have more fun.

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