Learn the ABC’s of Creating: An Entrepreneur’s Secret to Learning, Improving and Success

I have been a full-time creative entrepreneur for 14 years.

Meaning, I have been generating my income from my own creative endeavours for almost a decade and a half.

In this time, digital media has been the primary way that I teach, share and earn money online.

I have produced hundreds of videos, probably close to a thousand articles, a hundred or more audio meditations, workbooks and who knows what else.

I see so many aspiring entrepreneurs prevent themselves from producing these kinds of results for themselves.

Everyone wants the first thing they launch to be “the big thing” and for life to be smooth sailing forever and always thereafter.

And so they wait and wait, hoping for the stars to align and for everything to be perfect… but they never actually create anything.

If you are a perfectionist who has been procrastinating, rather than mastering your craft, this video is for you.

ABC = Always Be Creating

If I’m always creating, then I’m always improving.

If I’m always improving, then success is inevitable.

But when I don’t create, I don’t improve, I don’t learn, I don’t move forward.

In order to achieve the vision I have in my mind’s eye, there may be 10,000 steps I have to take before that vision is fulfilled.

However so many people are waiting to have the skills, abilities or team that can produce the 10,000th step result…

Usually those who wait never accomplish much.

Because it’s necessary to take the 9,999 other steps in order to learn what needs to be learned along the way.

Entrepreneurship is a journey. Not a product, not a service, but path.

The only way we can walk this path is to be active creators in our lives.

So let this be a permission slip to get obsessive about your creative process and to get messy while you learn, grow and evolve.

Because if for the next 5-years you apply the ABC’s of Creating, then in five years from now you’ll be in a completely different place in your life, with so many amazing useful skills, epic stories, wisdom and experience.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait five years. Just adopt the ABC’s of Creating philosophy and it will all change today.

Instead of scanning social media sites or wasting time, you’ll find yourself immersed in the never-ending rabbit hole of creativity, purpose and self expression.

You will learn to discover the true delight and beauty that comes from turning your ideas into gifts for others to receive.

OR there’s always the alternative. You could wait for the stars to align and grant you unearned success…

What do you choose? Share what you’re creating down below. 


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