Are you telling enough of your Story? Probably not.

Since the dawn of human existence, storytelling has been the most effective way for human beings to share information and teach each other new skills.

However, in the “Information Age,” we have lost this powerful art-from.

There is a very good chance that you have had MANY magical, challenging, heart-breaking, euphoric, transformational, life-changing experiences that have shaped who you are, why you believe what you believe and do what you do.

Am I right?

This is an intervention with your Akashic Record Keeper, so pay attention to the video below!

Your stories help to bridge a deep and meaningful connection between you and your audience.

Your stories add to your credibility more than your credentials or certificates.

Your stories show the human side of who you are, which helps people relate to you on a human-to=human level.

Your stories help you communicate your reason for WHY you do what you do.

Your stories make you more trust-worthy to strangers who are checking you out.

Your stories did not happen to you, they happened for others.

Your stories make you who you are.

If you are not sharing your stories, then you will never find your authentic voice in the work you’re here to do.

It is your stories that bring forth your truth and the reason you are here right now.

Look into your past. Dig up your greatest, richest, hardest, most profound stories…

Tell them.

Write them.

Record them.

Share your stories.

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What are the stories you’ve been keeping inside of you that you need to start telling? Our stories shape the world. Share below how this video and article has moved you tell your story.



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