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How we sell matters

We have a confession to make… We’ve been using manipulative sales tactics to sell The Great eCourse Adventure. Don’t get us wrong. We were doing all the things the experts say to do: Freebies and sales funnels. Regular launch schedules. Scarcity tactics. Fast action bonuses. and all that jazz… Even though we were doing all these […]

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Ep.7 – Creative Ways to Grow a List From Scratch

“How do I launch a course and make money, when I don’t have much of an email list or audience?” Well, the answer is: start growing your list (now). And by list, we mean start making connections and and building relationships! But how? Glad you asked. Growing your audience (and mailing list) is the conversation we had in episode […]

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Why are 97% of eCourses Failing their Customers?

According to an interview I heard with Seth Godin on the Tim Ferris Show recently, the eCourse industry has a 97% failure rate — meaning, only 3% of people who sign up for an online course actually complete it. Assuming this is accurate: I knew it was bad, but how the hell could it be this […]

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