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Green Screen Magic Lighting Tricks (Behind the Scenes)

With every green screen comes great responsibility. That, and a whole lot fun. When you understand the art, power and simplicity of using a green screen for your video lessons, you give yourself a blank canvas where you can literally create ANYTHING! As experience designers seeking to facilitate the ultimate student learning process, using a green […]

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Ep.8 – How To Validate Your Awesome Idea And Make Sales Before Its Created

The only reason our business exists is because we took the leap and made pre-sales. $30,000+ in pre-sales revenue came in BEFORE we even created our course. This is what funded us to build the Great eCourse Adventure. In Episode 8, we’re talking about how to Validate and even Pre-Sell your eCourse (or ideas) to ensure […]

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Ep.7 – Creative Ways to Grow a List From Scratch

“How do I launch a course and make money, when I don’t have much of an email list or audience?” Well, the answer is: start growing your list (now). And by list, we mean start making connections and and building relationships! But how? Glad you asked. Growing your audience (and mailing list) is the conversation we had in episode […]

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