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Ep.7 – Creative Ways to Grow a List From Scratch

“How do I launch a course and make money, when I don’t have much of an email list or audience?” Well, the answer is: start growing your list (now). And by list, we mean start making connections and and building relationships! But how? Glad you asked. Growing your audience (and mailing list) is the conversation we had in episode […]

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Ep.5 – How to Pick YOUR Perfect eCourse Topic

In the world of eLearning, it can be hard to settle on THE topic to build your entire eCourse (and business) around. It’s a big decision! In episode 5, we dive into exercises, journaling questions and all sorts of thoughtful approaches for finding a topic that won’t just make you a few bucks now, but will […]

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Entrepreneur on Fire Interview with John Lee Dumas

For us at the Great eCourse Adventure, we like to keep our marketing strategy simple, fun and duplicatable.  We literally have TWO things that we focus on to help find our ultimate customers and clients. Build relationships. Have conversations. Fortunately, building relationships is done by having lots conversations. So we really only have ONE strategy. […]

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