Campfire stories as told by fellow adventurers


The Great eCourse Adventure has been a place for me to share the vulnerable and amazing internal processes involved in an undertaking of this size.  It keeps me truly encouraged on a number of levels to just keep going one step at a time.

My biggest challenge has been dealing with resistance and so-called, "procrastination" because of the sheer size of this project and the technology learning curve.

They've laid it out so I am excited to get back to work and embrace this journey of putting one foot in front of the other up this beautiful mountain. These guys are authentic, heart centred, fun and super knowledgable.

I've joined loads of online courses and memberships but I always end up dropping out or not contributing. But the Great eCourse Adventure has changed that!

Brad and Andy have created a place where people share, create and help each other. They work so hard for their students and they're prepared to be vulnerable and share mistakes as well as successes.

I've gained skills but much more importantly, I've gained self-belief and a new direction for my business.


"I have tried to create an online course of study a number of times, but I kept getting frustrated with the way I was taught to do it. Now, I am so full of happiness to be hiking up the mountain while creating an eCourse I can be proud of and excited to promote.

Bradley and Andy's lessons are fun and doable, their multi-sensory media is delightful, and their coaching calls are beyond inspiring. The unexpected best part is meeting all the wonderful supportive people around the campfire, who make me feel so at home."

'I did a LOT of research before choosing to go on the Great eCourse Adventure. I was looking for something innovative, inspiring and cutting edge and I believe these guys are really creating a new frontier and dreaming up the future of online educational experiences.

I had a lot of great ideas but lacked the technological and online skills to get moving on them. This course is walking me through, step by step, everything I needed to get these ideas off the ground and out to the world.'


I signed up for the Great e-Course Adventure in hopes of finding a way to finally get my e-courses going. It looked fun—that was already different from anything else I had tried.

The big things holding me back were: 1. fear and 2. overwhelm.

As expected, I encountered both early on in the course.

What I found that I did not expect, was how my fears became smaller and weaker as my desire to create something unique and wonderful has grown stronger and stronger.

Problem #1 Solved: Overcome Fear. Every time I start to get overwhelmed, I simply review the one-step-at-a-time-map that is being provided or consult with one of the very knowledgeable and supportive guides—Brad and Andy.

Problem #2 Solved: Focused do-able steps overcomes overwhelm.

The challenges: What am I going to teach? Who am I going to teach it to? How am I going to teach it?

When you start realizing how much goes in to creating a course it can be overwhelming. The way it has been broken down into bite sized pieces, in a logical order makes it easy to climb your own mountain and git 'er done.

The unique way the Great eCourse Adventure is presented makes it fun at the same time that it's serious and technical and oh, did I say fun? The best part is you're never alone. I have accomplished something I never would have managed to do alone.



Bradley and Andy are like two magical fairygodbrothers! Their support, enthusiasm and kind encouragement is so refreshingly real, honest, goofy and creatively inspiring.

As a solo-preneur I can get isolated and overwhelmed. The course structure helps me to stay on track, break things down into manageable steps, connect with other folks going through the same struggles and creates a solid container for creative inspiration to flow.

I really appreciate the feedback and advice they so generously dish up.

I had delivered 2 of my "Thrivelhoods" trainings online through my basic WordPress site, and was hearing from my clients that the software I was using was making my great content hard to navigate, and undermining their learning. Yikes! Right then, I found Bradley and Andy's Great eCourse Adventure, and LOVED how easily it unfolded for me as a learner.

These guys give you 200% of themselves in the materials, in the forums, and in the coaching calls. I love their mix of expertise and their style which is so real and fun (NOT business as usual) but also solid! I'm looking forward to re-launching my foundations course, the "Thrivelihood Pathfinder" in a few months with the snazzy ecourse format. I feel inspired to have software that supports my learners, increases the impact of my transformative content, and makes sense in my business model.