How to be a Unicorn in a Field of Horses

Let us raise the age old question every online course creator and digital entrepreneur has been asking since the beginning of time…

What is better and more potent for getting my message out and making the biggest impact with my work… and of course, growing my business while I’m at it?

Quantity or quality?

Is it more powerful to create a lot of posts, a lot of blogs, a lot of courses, a lot webinars, etc…?

Or is spending more time creating fewer high quality offerings a more potent path…?

We stand on the quality side of the fence.

We believe, if you want to be successful in this industry, then you need to create content and courses worth sharing. In order to do that, they have to be high quality (most of the time).

Here are 5 other great reasons why quality trumps quantity:

1. When we’re focused on creating new content all the time, we’re NOT focused on sharing the content we’ve already created with our current audience and new audiences. Whereas, when we create something amazing and it’s done, we can then build relationships by sharing that work with as many people as possible. It’s hard to build those relationships when we’re launching something new every week.

2. When you put the time, energy, intention and talent into crafting an experience or product that is truly great, those who are fortunate to find it will want to share it with others. (guaranteed!) Word of mouth is and always will be the king or queen of building your brand.

3. TWEETABLE: The internet is full of half-assed fluff. Finding something that is F*cking amazing is like finding a unicorn. Be that unicorn! -The Great eCourse Adventure

4. When you create a high quality experience and offer it for free, people will naturally think that your paid offerings must be even better (be sure to prove them right).

5. When you create a lot of something (articles, courses, videos, etc…) people tend to be like, “huh, that’s interesting” or, “Wow, that was neat.” But they move on with their lives and forget about it quite quickly. Whereas when you create something truly remarkable, it leaves a lasting impression on those who see or experience it and they don’t forget you. In fact, they talk about you all the time (no affiliate money needed either)

Creating quality work is one of our guiding principles at eCourse Adventures. 

Our free, interactive Courses Worth Sharing website took us about a month to vision, write and design.

Our free outer space Masterclass Adventure took us about 3-months to write, produce and launch.

Even though those offerings are free, the investment of time, creativity and energy was well worth it. Everyone who sees them is either 100% into our work or 100% not.

Due to those beautiful creations, we are having no problem booking interviews, finding partners and building our credibility as trust-worthy teachers in the eLearning industry.

Not to mention, we had so much fun creating them!

When everyone’s trying to pump out a six figure course in six days, stay focused on the long game and create something ridiculously good that your students fall in love with and want to tell their friends about. 

Now let’s see how quantity can be good for you too…

Don’t get us wrong, having your audience hear from you regularly is important for growing your conversation and over time, student-base. We can’t just send them an email every 1-3 months when we complete our latest thing. It is a relationship that needs stoking.

So our suggestion is choose 1-2 things that you do in quantity… as in, lots of them.

For us, we’re getting into doing a Facebook Live conversation most days and we send out our weekly “Beyond the Blueprint” newsletter.

Those are two low-fi, low-tech ways that we offer a ton of value and stay engaged with our audience. They don’t take too much time, but they provide some beautiful ways to stay connected and share what’s keeping us inspired.

On the side, we stay working on our bigger, more in depth projects that are meant to blow people’s minds. Just you wait for October!!!

To summarize: The eCourse industry is like a field full of horses and once in a while you’ll find a Unicorn. The internet needs more Unicorns. Be the Unicorn that delights your audience and changes the game!

We’d love to know what you think. Introduce yourself and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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