If your Course Lacks Personality, It Will Lack Engagement Too

Hear these words: If your eCourse lacks in personality, it will lack in engagement.

Most eCourses are monotone drones with little colour, pizzazz and personality.

They’re boring to watch, which makes flipping over to the ol’ Facebook newsfeed or Netflix an easy decision.

But you might say, “My job is to give them the information. The rest is up to them.”

Well, sorry Jim, but that lazy attitude just won’t cut it in the new world of online learning…

Your job as an eCourse creator and experience designer is to help your students get the results they signed up for.

If they don’t succeed, then neither do you.

The video below, which is a lesson taken from the Great eCourse Adventure, is going to help you give your course a personality, which in return will bring it to life and make it more exciting for your students to go through.

Now pay attention and do the exercises that the friendly Wizard gives you…

Here’s the Audio Version:

Journaling Exercises

  1. If your eCourse was a person, how would you describe its’ personality?
  2. If there were 1000 other eCourses teaching the same topic as you, what about yours’ makes it interesting, unique or more engaging than the 999 others? How does it stand out in the sea of sameness?
  3. What can you do to put your own unique stamp of creativity on your course? What creative elements can you add to your course, to infuse more of your passions and help bring it more to life?
  4. What parts of your personality do you want to come through in the delivery of your course?

What did you discover from doing this exercise? Share in the comments down below!

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