The Power of Partner Marketing – a mini workshop with Lisa Baker

No matter who you are as an entrepreneur, you need partnerships.

A simple referral can open up countless doors to new opportunities and possibilities.

In the video/audio below, Lisa Baker is going to be leading you through a mini workshop on partner marketing.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • The keys to making a partnership truly authentic and mutually beneficial,
  • Five different types of partners you can look for,
  • Five different ways to structure partnerships,
  • Her email template for reaching out to partners,

This workshop is interactive and practical — by the end, you’ll have a prospective partner identified and an email ready to send, so you can get started with your first partner promotion to grow your student-base.

Sound fun?

 Check out the Audio Version:

How to Email Influencers (free course)

Lisa was kind enough to give you her “How to Email Influencers” eCourse. Sign up for it here.

A Bit About Lisa

Lisa has been specializing in partner marketing since 2013, and has helped clients launch products that generated $2.5 million in revenue, make more sales in a day than they were making in a month, and double their customer base in just weeks. You can check her out at

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