A Common Sense Approach to Finding your Businesses’ Best Niche Ever (with Tad Hargrave)

Not knowing who you’re building your online courses and business for is kind of a big problem.

Fortunately, Tad Hargrave (one of the nicest guys in the Universe) led us through an interactive Niching workshop this week.

When it comes to niching, Tad has a simple, formulaic, down to Earth process for finding yours’. So if you’re struggling with your WHO, take 90 some time and sit with a journal.

There is so much gold to be mined from this workshop.

Session Notes

2:40 introducing Tad Hargrave niching expert: To help you get clarity and get unstuck.

6:10 The emotional journey of discovering your niche. Fist comes the fear of shrinking your market too much, and then the relief when you know you got it right.

12:30 Finding your who: I help…types of people, who have this …problem get this …result.

15:30 Getting your niche right is the key to powerful headlines and titles. Making the sales letter is simply making a case for it.

18:40 Be specific. Add 3 top benefits or fears if your words could mean something different to different people. The confused mind says no. Help them know immediately that it’s for them.

27:51 The power of asking “when is the perfect moment for you to show up in  your client’s life”.

29:26 A great example that demonstrates how to be more clear.

31:10 A real life example of using the 3 examples to make your statement crystal clear. And have your prospect immediately know if you are talking to them or not.

32:54 Clarity vs brevity. If the core idea is clear talking more about it will only make it more clear. If the core idea is fuzzy the more you talk the more unclear it gets.

38:55 There are things your customer wants, and there are things you want for them. Talk about what they already want.

42:30 How to use a Facebook ad to test what they want.

49:18 Beware of talking about things like spirituality. It can mean many different things for people so make sure to talk about what they are actually getting.

50:53 What are the symptoms people are having? Speak to that, and not some broad concept.

55:49 An example of niching down to make your communication more powerful, and own that specific domain.

1:00:20 How to offer content that is more valuable than the free stuff they can find on youtube. Focus on the specific problem and the result they want. You are helping them on their journey.

1:05:30 A look at the “pay what you can” model.

1:08:20 An important distinction: Are you talking to different people or the same person at a different point on their journey?

1:15:46 For more on niching have a look at Tad’s website: http://nichingspiral.com/

Let us know how you liked this webinar. And for more of Tad’s amazing work, click here.

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Ruth Ablett says July 15, 2018

Wow!!!!! Absolutely loved this. Known about Tad for many years, met him in UK and follow him all the time. NOW found Brad and the mountain and loving it sooooooo much. This is already changing my perspective on how I will teach in the future and to say I am excited is an understatement. Thank you xx

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