C’mon. We can be more creative than this!

We can be more creative than this.
We can do better.

It’s not black and white.
Things aren’t that cut and dry.

We need to breakthrough the box we live in and create from.
We need to step outside the lines.

The solutions are not inside the insanity that created the problem in the first place.
If we wish to solve our problems or the problems of others, then we have to do things different.

We have to think different.
We have to act different.
We have to be different.

Look around. “Normal is boring.”

Normal is black and white, with a little bit of grey to spice things up.
People try to be “normal” all the time because they are so afraid to be judged.

Yet at the same time, it is usually those who are bold enough to stand out that get noticed and eventually become successful. Sometimes even President (bad joke).

Take the online learning industry for example.

There is very little diversity there.
Most people are doing the same thing in the same way.
Powerpoint, talking heads, sales funnels, PDFs, Facebook groups.
It’s all the same blueprint.

This is a big problem. It means YOU have to scream extra loud and hype extra obnoxiously to get noticed in the Sea of Sameness.

A better idea though, is to ask yourself:

“How can I be more creative than this?”
“How could i create the ultimate experience for my people?
“How could I create this eCourse and make it a work of art?”
“What could I do that nobody has ever done before to teach this subject online?”
“How can I give my students an experience that makes them want to show up?”
“What can I do that would make my work more fun and fulfilling?”

BUT, most people don’t ask these questions. Instead, they ask, “How can I do this in the cheapest, quickest and easiest way and make the most amount of money doing it.”

This is an old school mentality for business and it needs to change.

If you put in twice the effort, twice the creativity, twice the energy, passion and love, then you’re going to get a far greater return than doing it the quick’n easy way.

Not to mention, how much more fulfilling the job will be.

The bottom line is though, if you wanna make lasting change in someone’s life, then you’re going to need more than just a powerpoint presentation.

We must be more creative.

We are here to create.
We are here to design experiences.
We are here to build businesses that are works of art.

We are not here to be another black and white, with a little bit of grey face in the crowd.
We are here to be bold and to own our authentic nature and express the shit out of it.

This is who we are.

Side note: Our authenticness does not mean we have to be loud, or silly, or funny, or colourful. It simply means, we are going to be ourselves FULLY.

Look around, who in this online world is really showing themselves as themselves? Very few. And the gems we find that are, we want to be around, we want to follow their work.

The same will happen for you when you own your creative, awesome, quirky, weird, interesting ways. Even if it scares the shit out of you…

If this does not speak to you, then this is probably not your stop on the Great Internet Express.

Either that, you’re just experiencing a wee bit of resistance to this thing called your “creative potential.”

Don’t worry, it eventually goes away (so I hear).

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