Increase Camera Confidence & Learn to Use Robots to Create More Human Connections (Workshop)

I met Molly Mahoney ( at a Leadership Retreat last December down in California. I was immediately drawn to her outgoing, enthusiastic, playful spirit. We became instant friends.

Molly is crushing it with her online coaching biz and I’m grateful she took the time to deliver this super fun, action-packed webinar workshop where she covers:

  • a simple and specific strategy that will boost your camera confidence 1000%.
  • her Facebook Live formula that is helping her make dumptruck loads of cash selling her online programs.
  • her exact Facebook Messenger Bots strategy that gives her a 97% “open rate” and has radically transformed her biz.
  • and a ton more.

So grab a journal, a yummy drink, make some popcorn and enjoy this 90-minute workshop where Molly packs 2-hours worth of wisdom into a 90-minute session. 

(Her enthusiastic energy is guaranteed to make you feel happier!)

Workshop Notes:

  1. Confidence Exercise: Write down 20 things that make you an awesome human.
  2. Never run out of content to talk about on Facebook Live with Molly’s SAAVE Strategy. (Skillsets, Appearance, Activities, Values, Eat)
  3. Think of one person you’d love to work with that is ready and in a place that they could invest in what you are offering. Talk directly to that person in all of your Facebook Lives. Speak to the individual, not to a group.
  4. Moll shares her Facebook Live content delivery strategy and how she prepares for every video offering.
  5. 15 Ways to Repurpose your Content (bonus webinar with Molly)
  6. Molly teaches her “Map to Millions” using Facebook live and Messenger bots.
  7. lets you use Facebook live on your desk top, allowing you to make engaging frames, bring comments up on the screen while live, pre-schedule a Facebook Live on your FB page and more…
  8. Molly gave eCourse Adventure students a super special gift. Go down the rabbit hole here.
  9. If you want to join Molly’s Messenger Automation Academy, use the code UNICORN to receive a sweet discount.

And so much more…

Best of all. There is no annoying sell at the end.

Molly just delivers wicked value and tons of instant, actionable things that you can start doing today to increase your audience size, feel more confident on camera and deliver more valuable Facebook Live or eCourse video lessons.

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Molly says January 25, 2018

Boom! Such an AMAZING time with you all!

Thank you for the warm welcome and the fun!

Can’t wait to hear about the magic you create by putting these tips into action!!


Jeroen Mourik says January 30, 2018

Thank you, Molly, for a great workshop and thank you, Brad, for sharing her #elevateyourawesome(ness).

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