Our mission and commitment to you, ourselves and the eLearning industry

We entered the online course industry for the same reason as many others…

It felt like a golden opportunity to free up our time, make a bunch of money and leverage the work we were already doing in the world.

However, as we matured on this journey, our motivations began to shift as well.

We are now committed to growing a thriving culture of passionate course creators who craft highly engaging, transformational eCourses.

The way online courses have traditionally been built is now outdated and ineffective.

It’s common knowledge that the dropout rate for eCourses is an average 70-97%.

Money is being made, but not enough lives are being changed.

That is simply because a series of videos and PDFs on a website is not enough to facilitate a transformational learning experience.

How humans consume media and learn has completely changed in the last decade.

Which means, course creators must be true leaders and adapt to the specific needs of their students in order to truly serve them and facilitate their journey.

People are distracted and overwhelmed by information. Our phones chime with endless notifications and messages.

Online educators must wow students with deeply immersive and meaningful learning experiences. There is no alternative.

This is why we merge entertainment, gamification, music, storytelling and various forms of media to facilitate our students growth and transformation.

Building an effective online course is a fresh and exciting art-form.

So if you’re feeling called to bring your work to the digital world, always remember…

Take your time.

Put yourself in your student’s shoes.

Care about their success more than your conversion rates.

Do your best work. This is your craft.

And enjoy the creative process. It’s not a race, it’s an adventure.

~ Brad & Andy
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