Passion Mashing, Being Yourself and Entrepreneuring like a Boss with Matt Giovanisci from

Meet Matt Giovanisci from

Matt was our most recent webinar workshop guests.

Matt treats entrepreneurship like a big science experiment where he’s the lab rat.

Matt has found a creative way to make more than $250,000 per year from his various online businesses.

In this comedy rich episode, Matt talks in depth about his unique entrepreneurial philosophies (like “Passion Mashing”), the importance of good SEO, his strategies, tools and tips for driving tons of organic traffic to his websites, building partnerships, products, websites and how infusing his whole personality into his businesses has really helped him reach new levels of success.

This is a fun, wide ranging conversation with tons of juicy takeaways. Enjoy it and if you do, let us know!

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Show notes and Highlights from this Workshop:

1:51 Introducing Money Lab. Imagine having the mindset of “everything is an experiment” and see what makes money. And Matt Giovanisci is the lab rat.

4:14 “The Boss” music video. 

8:00 What inspired Matt to become an entrepreneur? His sense of how he can put multiple unrelated skills together and leverage them to create a brand based on passion. And no boss to stifle his creativity.

11:20 Mixing personality + passion to grow your business.

18:10 Here’s the Passion Mashing formula: Do this and watch your fun skyrocket with your income.

27:55 Matt shares his partner attraction strategy. Make a professional looking website and they come to you.

37:15 The Great Website Optimization Experiment: Live experiment you can follow in real time as Matt attempts to double his revenue. Just by optimizing the website.

40:25 If giving your course a little push doesn’t make it take off it’s because it wasn’t good.

41:47 A great mindset to adopt is that we are all doing experiments all the time. No pressure to pretend to know it all. If it doesn’t work move on to the next experiment.

42:45 How to launch 2 courses in 14 days or less.

52:00 Using Asana to organize yourself and let the creativity flow.

55:20 A case study of the Asana course. Regular sales with no promotions.

1:00:45 Using SEO for growing your following.

1:06:40 Focus on 1 strategy for growth and get good at applying it consistently, instead of trying a bunch of strategies and mastering none.

1:08:08 How the website builder you use affects your SEO.

1:12:00 A look at various keyword search tools and how to use them for maximum growth.

1:18:15 Matt answers the questions: If you were starting from nothing what would you focus on?

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