Marketing is Dead. Conversations are Alive!

It seems these days like the internet has become a big loud marketplace.

The marketplace is filled with a lot of people fighting for the spotlight. “Like me, look at me, comment on me. Me, me me!!”

It’s really quite sad.

The problem is that the entrepreneurs in “our industry” (coaching, teaching, online biz) think the key to their success is in getting attention, then converting that attention into cash. So what we get is a bunch of inflatable tube men dancing around the internet hyping up their thing to try to appear more valuable than their neighbour offering the same thing.

But the story is NOT true my friend.

The “look at me approach” is very impersonal and for many of us sensitive hearted folks who need to align our actions with our core values — this approach just doesn’t work.

So rather than “going for conversions”, focus on having conversations.

The internet is a conversation place, not a marketplace.

The best thing you can do for your audience is to be the initiator or mediator of many meaningful conversations about the topics close to your heart (and their’s).

Make having conversations a part of your daily to-do’s. If you are known for sparking up really inspiring, engaging conversations, then you’re going to have a far greater chance of getting your “thing” in front of your intended audience. Plus there’ll be a far bigger chance that they’ll trust you enough to buy it.


  1. How are you creating meaning and resonance in a digital space that is overflowing with empty promises and naive ill-intent?
  2. When you write a blog or a post, is it with the intent to “get noticed, go viral or sell your thing” or is it for the sake of creative expression and/or to actually help your audience in some way?
  3. Are you contributing to our humanity and evolution of collective culture? Or are you just trying to sell your shit while telling yourself it’s for the best? (Gotta pay those bills!)
  4. Are you blindly following the step-by-step blueprints of the overpriced internet guru’s latest and greatest course OR are you checking in with yourself and aligning your values with how you want to connect, share and sell to your audience?
  5. What comes first – your relationships or your bank account? Your humanity or your creature comforts?

Think of it this way: If you were sitting in a coffee shop telling a story to a potential client or group of friends, would you stop in the middle of the story and say, “Give me $100 to hear the rest of the story?” Hell no!

If you did, the people you were with would get up and walk out of the coffee shop. Or they’d straight up, tell you off.

So why does this type of thing happen ALL THE TIME in the digital space? We just don’t wanna play this game anymore! We’re out.

And ever since we made the conscious decision to put conversations, culture, passion, art, meaning, truth and beauty far above products, marketing, sales, funnels, tactics and cleverness, our business and work has been taking off!
This is no longer a business for us. This is an art-form and we’re just doing what an artist does. Creating art!

Our new marketing strategy is “F**K marketing strategies – just create meaningful conversations and culture around our creations”. So far its proving itself to be the ultimate marketing strategy. How’s that for a paradox?

We’re having more fun, feeling more fulfilled, we’re doing the coolest work we’ve ever done and making more people happy than ever before… oh, and the money’s coming in too!

Would love to jam about this topic with those who are feelin’ this way. What are the kinds of conversations you’re excited to have? Share below and let’s dive into it!

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