Turn your eCourse into a Hero’s Journey {workshop with Jon Block}

Imagine making the kinds of courses that move your students into action, lead them to transformation and leave the kind of lasting impression in their hearts that some of your favourite movies or books have…

Humans love a good story.

That’s why we love the Star Wars movies, Avatar and Shrek trilogy…

So what do all these movies have in common that make them so successful and captivating to the audience?

They all apply Joseph Campbell’s, Hero‘s Journey” formula.

Well what if you could apply the Hero‘s Journey to your eCourses to make them more engaging, exciting and transformational for your students?

You can! In the webinar workshop below, Jon Block breaks down the Hero’s Journey formula and shows you how to apply it directly to your eCourse and student learning journey.

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Workshop Quick Notes:

1. Status Quo:  

  • Relate deeply to the student.
  • Have a clear goal in mind.
  • Make it interesting, yet specific.

2. Wake-up Call:  

  • Old life left behind, new life moving into
  • The first big win win or breakthrough.

3. Pursuit and Conflict:

4. Climax and Resolution

  • How is life different?
  • What is the grand finale?
  • How do they know when there is completion?

“Your audience relates more to the inner feelings than the outer circumstances.”
– Jon Block, SpeakerVenture.com

What were your top takeaways from this workshop? How can you turn your own eCourses into a Hero’s Journey using Jon’s formula? Do you have any questions? Share down below!

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