Green Screen Magic Lighting Tricks (Behind the Scenes)

With every green screen comes great responsibility.

That, and a whole lot fun.

When you understand the art, power and simplicity of using a green screen for your video lessons, you give yourself a blank canvas where you can literally create ANYTHING!

As experience designers seeking to facilitate the ultimate student learning process, using a green screen for your videos should be a no-brainer thing that you enjoy learning to do (well).

At eCourse Adventures, we teach our students to “Theme’ify” their courses, which transforms a normal and boring course into an immersive learning environment where the student loves spending time.

Here’s our Star Wars-Themed Masterclass on how to do that. 

Last week while creating our “Epic eCourse Rap Battle” music video, we got Blair (our video wizard) to share a lesson in lighting your green screen set.

Enjoy this behind the scenes of how we make Green Screen Magic!

Watch the Epic eCourse Rap Battle and take a behind the scenes look at our creative process of making it.

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