The F-Yeah Formula for Creating an F-Yeah Life and Business

F-YES or F-NO? That is the question…

For 13 years I have been consciously crafting my lifestyle and business to align with my deepest, most enthusiastic yes.

That’s why I play golf everyday at sunrise. That’s why I got into creating online courses. That’s why I moved to an ocean front home on a beautiful little island. That’s why we built the Great eCourse Adventure. 

Over the years I have developed a process for making choices that align with my biggest yes.

Every month to few months, or as needed, my wife Celeste and I take a look at our life and make adjustments accordingly.

And let’s just say, we’re not afraid to change EVERYTHING if it’s necessary to step up to our next level.

As time’s gone on, I’ve modified my formula for making bold choices that align with my highest calling and potential.

The “F-Yeah, F-no” version of this exercise was inspired by an interview on the Tim Ferriss Show with Derek Sivers (creator of CD Baby). 

So get ready to level up. Take 30 minutes and do the “F-Yeah Formula” (right now)…

1. Write a list of all the places you’ve put your time and energy in the last 2-weeks, based on the four different categories below. Beside each activity write the approximate amount of time you’ve spent doing that activity.

  • Extra curricular (everything you do when you’re not working on projects, job, or biz)
  • Projects and “Work” (everything you do with the intention to make money – now or eventually)
  • Relationships (everyone you’ve spent time with in the last 2-weeks)
  • Avg. amount of sleep (is it enough?)

– Playing golf (20 hours)
– Hanging with my son (50 hours)
– Facebook (2 hours)

2. Rate each activity for every category on a scale of 1-10.

  • 10 being, it’s an “F-yeah, I want to be doing this with my time/life”
  • and 1 being an “F-no, this is the last thing I want to be doing with my time/life”

– Playing golf (10/10)
– Hanging with my son (10/10)
– Facebook (4/10)

3. Anything that is not a 10/10 F-Yeah, is an F-No. 

  • You read that right. If it’s not a 10/10, then it is a no!
  • Imagine living a life where everything you did in your spare time, work and relationships was an F-Yeah!

4. Write out a plan on how you can live your F-Yeah life in the next 12-months more than you already are.

  • Come up with 50 ideas to live in alignment with your F-Yeah life. (what can you change or start doing?)
  • Rate all those ideas on a scale of 1-10 (F-yeah or F-no).
  • Then narrow it down to your top 5 ideas.
  • Begin aligning your life with doing those activities as much as possible.

5. Get a blank piece of paper and write the name of each of those F-Yeah Activities at the top.

  • Write down at least 5 things that you can do in the next 5 days to move each of those “F-Yeah Activities” forward and make them a bigger part of your life, reality and day-to-day experience. (they could be little tiny action steps, not just giant ones)
  • DO IT NOW!!!!!

6. Share what you discover in the conversation thread below once you’ve done the exercise.

Procrastination will kill you, or at least cause you to live a shittier life than you’re capable of living. Add a little more F-Yeah to your life (today)!

Taking an honest look at your life, where you’re giving time and how much you actually enjoy those activities and relationships is so powerful.

There is something about seeing it on paper that transforms everything.

If you find you’re living a life that is far from a 10/10 lifestyle, don’t worry.

Just start adding one or two new 10/10 F-Yeah activities to your life and slowly but surely everything around you will transform. You’ll suddenly have more energy, more clarity and more pizzazz in your life.

But NOT doing this exercise will change nothing.

Your F-Yeah life is in your hands…

Good luck.

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Virginia Reeves says June 9, 2017

I needed this kick in the rear today to remind me to follow-up on my intention to cut out most of my e-mails (not you yet) as they are sucking my time and I’m not learning much anymore. I am not being creative often enough and feel that. Doing too much stuff that is not anywhere near a 10. I will be working on these lists. Thanks!

    Bradley Morris says June 9, 2017

    Woohoo, we made the list! I stand with you in your commitment Virginia. I’ve been missing the joy of writing scripts and making fun video lessons, like the 12-month stint we did when building the Great eCourse Adventure, so I am getting back into that. Started working on 4 new scripts today for videos which will be the fun new onboarding experience for new Adventurers to the mountain, prepping them for their arrival at Basecamp. Thanks for sharing your commitment! Send us an update in a couple weeks after changing some of these habits.

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