We are Experience Designers, Not Course Creators


Why are we here?

What do we hope to achieve through this wild world of online education?

We used to have dollar signs in our eyes. Big ones.

Now we have a purpose in our hearts. A big one.

So we’d love to ask you again… why are you here?

We’ll start…

We, Bradley & Andy, are motivated to craft the most remarkable, transformational, and creative digital learning experiences we possibly can.

Something finally “set in” with us this last week.


We are not online course creators.



You heard that right 😉

So what are we exactly?

We are artists.

We are leaders.

We are conscious entrepreneurs.

We have awoken to the problems and possibilities that lie before us.

Online education is changing the world… but we’ve hit a wall as an industry.

You know that dirty little secret in our industry?

The one that says 70-97% of students never finish courses?

We are flooded with marketing courses and magic bullet systems that promise 6 figures in 6 weeks.

We are flushed down sales funnels and attacked with automated machine-gun email campaigns.

Then we are subjected to conveyor belt courses that are best suited for robots at best.

Boredom sets in, the interest gets lost, and we end up with a 70% failure rate.

It’s time to stop kidding ourselves and find a better way to facilitate student transformation.

At what point do we realize that the status quo is no longer working?

It never really did.

Sure, a lot of money has been made, but to what effect?

The system we’ve been fed is dysfunctional.

The underlying problem is rooted in a simple lack of human empathy.

These shifts in our perspective led to the clarity of what we truly are…

We are experience designers.

We no longer create factory-belt style eCourses.

We no longer treat the student experience as a means to an end.

We don’t create manipulative funnels to fill our pockets.

We don’t design experiences to make money.

We make money to design experiences.

We believe online education can and 
will change the world, but not without a shift in our collective operating system.

Owning our role as experience designers is the way forward as we move towards shaping the internet and planet into our personal and collective paradise.

Our mission is to gather the most brilliant and creative humans the world has to offer and to help them turn their life’s work and artistry into experiences that engage, inspire and transform.

Info-products and courses are old news.

Experiences design is the solution.

Experience is our art-form.

We are not experts.

We are experimentalists.

We are on our way to mastery in the art of designing deeply transformative experiences..

Will you join us?

We’d love to hear from you!

Drop a comment below and share with us why you are here 🙂

~ Brad & Andy

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