Ep.9 – Script Writing for eCourse Creators

There was a time where we didn’t script out our lessons.

However, the further we got along in our creative journey with the Great eCourse Adventure, the more we realized just how potent, powerful and important script writing truly is.

It adds power to what you’re teaching when ever single word is chosen with precision and potency.

There are so many reasons why script writing is a good idea, which is what we’re here to discuss in episode 9.

We’re going to deconstruct our entire scriptwriting process just for you.

Watch or listen to episode 9 while on the go, and be sure to read the show notes!

Show Notes:

TWEETABLE: “Imagine how much more powerful your lessons will become when each word is chosen with intention, precision and potency. You owe it to your students to script your eCourse.” – The Great eCourse Adventure

Why is Scriptwriting a good idea? 

  1. It forces you to refine your message and what you’re teaching so that only that which is necessary, essential and aligned with the purpose of the lesson is said. Everything else is edited out. This makes for a streamlined learning experience for your students, saving them time and a whole lot of “um’s and uh’s.”
  2. It makes you look and sound like a pro. Lets face it, most eCourse creators are NOT professional actors or speakers. In fact, the majority of the people we work with have a huge fear (or discomfort) with being in front of the camera. Having a script allows you to zero in and come across as incredibly focused and on point with your lesson. Isn’t that the impression you want to leave your students with?
  3. You become intimate with your work. As you work on your script, you have this amazing opportunity to see your teachings from many different angles. As you write, edit and rewrite, you are able to distill your teaching down to the very essence. This is powerful!
  4. Believe it or not, but having a script gives you MORE creative freedom with your videos. With your script, you can begin to storyboard your lessons, come up with creative visuals to go with your lessons, different camera angles and so much more. It also allows you a little room for spontaneous, improved moments of awesome while filming if the mood should strike.

The best Ted Talks were scripted, NOT improvised. So why would you do otherwise?

Sure scripting takes more time in the short-term, but in all honesty, it saves you a ton of time and energy in the long-run…

  • There’ll be less editing in post-production to find the ‘good parts.’
  • You won’t have to come back and reshoot in the near future because of your poor delivery.
  • You can take your script and tweak it for awesome, in depth blogs.
  • It trains you to become a great writer and powerful speaker.

In episode 9, we also deconstruct our script writing process. It’s probably not what you think either. 

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