Ep.7 – Creative Ways to Grow a List From Scratch

“How do I launch a course and make money, when I don’t have much of an email list or audience?”

Well, the answer is: start growing your list (now).

And by list, we mean start making connections and and building relationships!

But how?

Glad you asked.

Growing your audience (and mailing list) is the conversation we had in episode 7 of eCourse Adventures LIVE.

Watch, download the MP3 and read the show notes below…

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Show Notes:

“If you need certainty to move forward, then you’ll never move forward” – The Great eCourse Adventure

1. Instead of the old fashion online marketing “opt-in bribe,” why not take people for a walk in the park (or digital cup of coffee) as a way to get to know who you are and what you’re all about? Here’s an article to go deeper into that idea.

2. Unless you are paying for Facebook Ads and have a solid on boarding process set-up, making memes for social media is a hobby, NOT marketing. If that’s your marketing strategy, is time for a change of plans. Here’s an article on our no FB Ads approach to marketing.

3. Don’t make a crappy free offering. This should not be a second thought. This is people’s first impression of you and your work. Make an effort to truly WOW them!

4. You don’t need 10 bajillion humans on your email list to “make it.” 1000 true fans is all you need!

5. Go where the hubs are. Serve the hubs and serve the hub leaders. Better yet, create your own hub where YOU are the center.

6. Create a strategy on paper and DO IT!

7. Choose TWO marketing strategies to start. Do those things REALLY well, rather than doing a bunch of things mediocre. Keep it simple and enjoyable for you. (but be consistent)

We gave a bunch of specific strategies for building relationships and growing your list, but we don’t wanna spoil the surprise.

Enjoy the show! We’d love to hear your top takeaways after checking it out.

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Stefan says October 13, 2016

This is a great antidote to the mainstream clickbait/bribe mumbojumbo that dominates the online biz world. While I think “leadmagnets” are important, you don’t want to be collecting “cold traffic”. Thanks so much guys! My 2 key takeaways as far as marketing strategy go: use my podcast to generate conversations and connections with hub leaders; and “make more friends and make more friends better friends, with me and with others in my community” as Andy put it.

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