Point of View Marketing with Tad Hargrave

So, what’s your point of view?

Your point of view is the map you use to get your customer or student from one island to the other.

It’s the compass you use.

It’s the route you plot.

These three things: map, compass, route.

The clearer your perspective, the more potent your marketing will be to attract your ideal clients. It also works wonders in actively repelling the people who aren’t a good fit for you.

A clear point of view will enable you to feel more confident in your business and craft better offers for your clients.

A clear point of view is the basis for every piece of content you will ever create.

But a clear point of view doesn’t just happen.

Join us in episode 14, with our special guest, Tad Hargrave as we help you YOU get clear on your unique POV and how to use your POV to market your work effectively.

Download, listen and read the show notes below…

The Route, the Compass and the Map:

  • The route – progression – this, then this, then that. formulas, templates, series of steps to get where you want to go. Best fighting chance (no guarantee) – top of pyramid
  • The compass – sense of direction. Values, beliefs.. no progression. Things to keep in mind through journey. Top 10 principles/ideas
  • The map – understanding of the world. The overall system. Biggest container

“You need to have a system to capture your ideas.” – Tad Hargrave

Exercise to Get the Process Started:

1. Figure out what your route is (the journey). What are the 3-7 steps to make that journey?

2. What are your top 10 principles, premises or ideas that your work revolves around?

3. Create a POV page on your site that shares your Point of View.

What do you believe, value and stand for?

“If you want to articulate what you do better, just start writing. The more you write about and talk about what you do and how you do it, the better you’ll become at articulating it.” – Tad Hargrave

Resources Worth Checking out:

1. Tad’s website, www.MarketingForHippies.com (definitely get on his list and check out his blog)!

2. Buy, download, read and do all the exercises in Tad’s eBook, “Point of View Marketing.

3. Come to our Star Wars themed outer space webinar adventure and learn the Art of eCourse Creation.

4. Join the next group of adventurous eCourse Creators and come up the mountain with us. 

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