Preparing to Launch

The launch of your course is a pivotal moment in your entrepreneurial journey.

Up until that point, you pour your heart, soul and countless hours into your creative project behind the scenes. Then comes the moment where you go from being unseen to seen (the butterfly emerges from the cocoon).

In this episode 13 of GEA Live, we will discuss and dissect the ins and outs of a successful launch strategy. We also share some of our stories from our previous successful and eh-hem, less successful launches and what we learned from them.

Let’s get you prepared to launch!

Listen to episode 13 and enjoy your Launch Checklists below…

Pre Launch Checklist:

  • All modules/lessons up on platform
  • All links inside course are working and not broken
  • Shopping cart/registration system operational
  • Double-check all email automations/autoresponders
  • Tested entire registration and onboarding process from a user-perspective and made sure everything is working & clear
  • Building relationships with potential promo partners
  • Setting affiliates up with their links, instructions and copy
  • Pre-writing a bunch of great blogs or content
  • Approaching sites to guest post close to launch time
  • Sales copy + Free Giveaway has been triple checked by you and other outside party’s (preferrably from your ideal audience).

Launch Checklist:

  • Reply to every comment on freebie content pages (have conversations with potential customers)
  • Clear communication with partners/JVs
  • Ensure that you are fulfilling marketing strategy every single day
  • Remember to take care of yourself, stay grounded, centered and healthy to avoid burnout
  • Carve plenty of space in your schedule to be creative, spontaneous and to fix any potential bugs that come up.

Post Launch Checklist:

  • Pat yourself on the back and do a celebration dance (good job, you made it!)
  • Give red-carpet treatment to new students
  • Send a survey to those who said no (Perhaps do a draw for feedback)
  • Continue building a relationship with all those who didn’t say yes
  • Analyze launch data (did you meet your goal? what worked? what didnt?)
  • Import the “No’s” into your regular email list (with Webinar name tags so they’re easy to find)
  • Set a date and plan your next launch.

A few other topics we cover:

  • The creative benefits of doing hybrid webinar.
  • Coming up with your marketing strategy and sticking to the game plan.
  • How many sales emails is appropriate to send and what’s the best approach?
  • and more goodies that I’m too lazy to write right here. Just go listen!

We’d love to hear how you enjoyed episode 13 and if you have a topic suggestion for another day? Be sure to listen to all of our episodes at our blog.


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