Fantastic Funnels and Groovy Giveaways

We’ve all been flushed down someone’s sales funnel, only to be disappointed at the insignificant amount of thought or creativity they put into their free offering.

So what makes a funnel fantastic and how can we create free giveaways that are actually desirable and lead your intended audience to your paid offerings?

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Show Notes:

“Don’t half-ass your free giveaway. Because if your freebie is of poor quality or value, then your potential students will naturally assume your course is poor quality too.”

Turn your Funnel Upside Down: Rather than the typical sales funnel, which reminds us of a toilet bowl flushing, we prefer to turn that funnel upside down. When we do that, what do you get? A mountain! Instead of flushing students down your funnel, you’re leading them up a mountain to that peak transformation you offer. Which is more inspiring?

It starts with your intentions: If your intention is to get emails and money, that will be the undercurrent of energy in everything you create. This could potentially sabotage the energetic integrity of your offering and likely turn folks off. Whereas, if your purest intention is to guide a specific transformation and to help your audience see if your services are a fit as a result, then that energy will be conveyed, felt and appreciated.

Be Creative. There is NO Blueprint: Sure some things work better than others when it comes to freebies, but there is no “one solution for all.” We tried 8 different freebies for the Great eCourse Adventure before we finally cracked the code of what works for us and our audience (we shared each of these in the episode). You may need to experiment and you will definitely have to get creative with your offering. There are a lot of free giveaways, so what’s going to inspire YOUR audience to say yes to your journey?

HINT: It is not your clever copy that will inspire them to sign up. It is your unique, creative offering that you pour your heart and soul into that will magnetize and inspire them to join you.

Ask your students: Set up client conversations to interview the people you most want to serve. Have a transparent, authentic conversation with them so you can find out what they’re struggling with and how you may best serve them. Here’s a great resource for setting those up.

Feed them, while leaving them hungry: Satisfy them by supporting them to receive a specific, tangible result or transformation. Give them a taste of what’s possible when they work with you. Give them a test drive of what it’d be like to join your paid offering. At the same time, leave them hungry for more. You don’t have to give it all away!

Go on a walk in the park with them: Your freebie is a way to build a relationship. It’s similar to going out for a cup of coffee or having a casual stroll through the park. Here’s an article about the four different types of eCourses we teach.

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