Entrepreneur on Fire Interview with John Lee Dumas

For us at the Great eCourse Adventure, we like to keep our marketing strategy simple, fun and duplicatable. 

We literally have TWO things that we focus on to help find our ultimate customers and clients.

  1. Build relationships.
  2. Have conversations.

Fortunately, building relationships is done by having lots conversations. So we really only have ONE strategy.

One of our favourite ways to have conversations is by doing podcast interviews.

When deciding that building relationships through conversations was going to be our marketing strategy, we asked ourselves what shows we’d like to be interviewed on. Entreprepreneur on Fire was #1 on our list.

Lo’ and Behold, we booked an interview and it just came out this weekend!

Not to toot our own tugboat, but we’re pretty sure it rocked!

In the Interview with John Lee Dumas, I (Bradley) discuss:

  1. Best and worst entrepreneurial moments and how I got through the hard ones.
  2. Our creative mindset to building online courses and WHY we’ve taken this unorthodox approach.
  3. The epiphanies that led us to build the Great eCourse Adventure.
  4. Untold stories from my 11 years adventure as an entrepreneur, including my horrible first business idea.
  5. What I’d do if I landed on a new planet with only $500 in my wallet.
  6. and a lot more valuable information and inspiring stories.

All that in 23 minutes!

Hope you enjoy and if you listen, share your top takeaway in the comments below.

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