How to deal withTrolls when they come trolling on you

Disclaimer: This post has a healthy dose of “F-bombs”. We usually don’t use such language, but in this post we felt it appropriate to make our point. If you are easily offended by such language, check out our other articles instead 🙂

So you wanna be popular in the digital Universe, huh?

Of course. What internet marketer, coach, meme maker, producer or creator of any kind doesn’t have some small hope in the back of their mind that they’ll create the next big, viral thing?

We all wanna have our intended audience say “FUCK YES” to our ideas or thing.

But are we ready and willing for what comes with that…?

A whole lot of “fuck you”s!

That’s right. This day and age, doing something big, viral, new, world or industry changing and awesome is gonna come with it’s fair share of haters.

The bigger the “fuck yes” on one hand, the bigger the “fuck you” on the other.

Isn’t that nice!?

Anytime we stir the pot with something new, outrageously unique or opposite of the status-quo, there is always going to be a bunch of people who cheer you on, another group who hop on board and join you.

And then there’s a bunch of people who want to destroy you because it threatens their reality.

Don’t worry though. It’s not an attack against YOU. It’s an attack against YOUR IDEA(s) or what you stand for.

Because if they accepted your idea, they’d be forced to change something… and we all know change hurts.

Especially for those of us who rely on stability and things staying the same to serve (or sell) whatever we’ve built. Meaning, if that change happens, we are shit outta luck and gotta figure something new out. That’s scary, especially when we’ve invested a lot of time, money, energy or even harder, we’ve built a whole belief system around that “way.”

So if you’re bold enough to break people’s belief systems and evoke change, here are 5 things you can do when the trolls start trolling:

  1. Tickle their hate with humour.
  2. Ignore, delete, block.
  3. Unicorn sparkle farts… it’s a little known fact that an internet troll’s kryptonite is the Unicorn fart emoticon. Fart on their hateful words.
  4. Gather a gang of “Hater-Lovers” to come surround that poor soulless troll with love, warm wishes and butterfly kisses (they usually back away when you drop the atomic love bomb).
  5. Don’t take it personal. If they’re hateful, it’s because they’re in pain. Don’t take that pain on. Instead, create more beauty in the world. That’s the best “fuck you” comeback EVER.

Let’s face it. If you’re reading this, you ARE a world changer.

You’re not here to do things by the book. You are here to say FUCK YES to life, which means you’re going to make fuck yes decisions and fuck yes creations.

These are bound to ruffle feathers, attract polarizing opinions and attract a few trolls out of their caves (mission accomplished).

It’s just a part of the fun and necessary struggle of “making it” in this age..

Share in the comments a story of a time you did/said something that provided both a fuck yes and fuck you response in people. How’d you respond to it? Let’s raise a ruckus everyone!

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Christy says March 26, 2016

“Tickle their hate with humour.” I love this and the other suggestions. I’ll remember these. Great article. Thank you!

    Andy Freist says March 26, 2016

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Christy. Stoked to have you on this grand ol’ mountain with us 🙂

    PS – Thanks for popping our blog comments cherry! 😉

      Christy says March 27, 2016

      Well, that’s one way to acknowledge the first comment! LOL!!
      Glad to be of service. 🙂

        Andy Freist says April 5, 2016

        Haha. love it!

    Bradley Morris says March 27, 2016

    Fuck ya, you popped our comments cherry! 😀
    We should have a party to celebrate.

Derek says August 28, 2016

Your crude language was a turn off for me. I was thinking about taking your course, but a course full of this kind of language would not work for me. Just how I was raised. Besides, paying 33% more for a payment plan is absurd. Criminal is a better word for it. Charging so much more for those who are not in a position to pay a grand up front says a lot about who you guys are as people. You’re not about helping people create awesome courses so much as you’re about making as much money as you can.

    Bradley Morris says August 29, 2016

    Hey Derek, thanks for the honest feedback on your experience. What’s delightful about what you shared is that it was a precise demonstration of we were talking about in this article (F yes or F you). Us simply being us and sharing in the ways that are authentic and unfiltered, triggered you in a way that made you an F-No to moving forward with us.

    Our intention obviously wasn’t to insult anyone, but to make a hard point. When we are 100% ourselves with our audience, we will weed out the ones who love us and also filter out the ones who don’t. This is all perfect and good.

    For clarity’s sake: We don’t have a single f-bomb in the entire Great eCourse Adventure. This was just an important point to make and clearly it worked.

    As for the price. The price is actually $1500 and if you pay all up front, you save $500. The average course on building courses is $1500-2000+ and here’s the thing…

    1. None of those courses spent a year in production to build a course that is more enjoyable than bingewatching Netflix.
    2. None of those courses built their own social media platform for members.
    3. None of those courses offer lifetime access to group coaching.
    4. None of those courses have gamification and their own community currencies to inspire action and support students to get all the tools they need for building courses at no monetary charge.

    If you can’t see the value in what we’re delivering, then so be it. The relationship would most likely not be a fit and you’d probably end up asking for a refund (not what we want for us or you).

    I hope at the very least, you have learned the key point we make in this article. If you wanna make it incredibly clear to your tribe that they’ve arrived at the right place for the right thing, then be unapologetically yourself.

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