Ep.6 – From Boring to Awesome: How to Spice up your eCourse

Something we get asked all the time is “how do I take my boring course or outline and make it awesome, creative and engaging?”

In episode 6, we’re going to deconstruct our creative process and show you exactly how to take a boring course and make it fizzle, pop and radiate with creative awesomeness.

Listen and enjoy the show notes down below…

Show Notes: 

TWEETABLE: “What makes something go from boring to awesome is ART.” – The Great eCourse Adventure

  1. We don’t need to reinvent the course syllabus. We are just putting an exciting new face on it. (examples shared in show)
  2. Its all about making connections… taking two seemingly different things, and combining them together; thus creating a new thing. (eCourse Creation + Adventure = The Great eCourse Adventure)
  3. Creativity is not creating something from nothing.. its remixing, combining and transforming things that already exist… everything is a remix. So take your expertise (the course) and your passion (the theme) and combine them together. Watch this video on remixing.

    “Even the most boring of topics can be super enjoyable and exciting when combined with the right theme”- The Great eCourse Adventure

  4. eCourses need to incorporate RIGHT brain learning into their lessons. Everyone’s got the left brain dialled, they just need to incorporate the other side to create a whole brain learning experience. This is crucial for engagement.
  5. The failure rate for online courses is so high because there are other things more exciting and fun than your course. So the key is to make your course more enjoyable than the stuff that is trying to steal your student’s attention.
  6. You don’t create something f’ing amazing sitting in front of your computer screen. Get off your computer, get out in nature, get inspired and creative. Use big paper. Take your journal everywhere you go. Obsess about what you’re creating for the world.
  7. You’ve gotta have your heart in the game. If it’s JUST a biz opportunity and the name of the game is making money, then this is gonna be hard. If your heart’s in it for the right reasons, then it’s gonna be a blast!

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