Ep.2 – Habits & Strategies for Longterm Success & Fulfillment

Building a memorable eLearning experience for your students is like climbing a mountain. It’s a creative vision quest. To prepare you for the path of long-term success and fulfillment, we are going to explore the habits and strategies that will support you to the top.

Below is the video, audio and show notes. Enjoy!

Here are 11 mindsets, strategies and solutions to help you build the momentum you need to get to the top of the metaphorical mountain. Watch or listen to the show for full explanation of each.

1. Know where you’re going

  • What is your longterm vision?
  • Who is it you want to become?
  • What do you aspire to do that’s in service to others?
  • What bucket list dreams do you want to achieve or experience?

Having a 5-10 year vision makes all of your current challenges and predicaments seem much smaller and more manageable.

2.  Schedule your Success

  • Book it in your calendar. Treat it like it’s a client. Own your schedule.
  • Write a personal accountability contract to yourself.
  • Be consistent. It’s the only way to gain momentum.

As an entrepreneur, you must be disciplined (sometimes ruthless) with your schedule. Your time is your greatest asset.

3. Know your Team (and give thanks for them)

  • Who is your business team?
  • Who is your personal team?
  • Who is your body and health team?

None of us can do this on our own. We all need a team of people who’ve got our backs. Know who your team is and let them know how much you appreciate them. Good relationships are reciprocal.

4. ABC

  • Always Be Creating
  • If you are creating, you are learning.
  • If you are learning, you are improving.

Waiting for perfection is a fools game. We learn best through doing, so get into your projects, get messy and create.

5. Make your Work Art

  • Every aspect of your business can be a work of art.
  • Have fun, be creative and do things how you want to do them.
  • Only create something you’d LOVE making or love having.

You make the rules in your life. So don’t try to fit into a stale, musty old box because you “think you have to.” Let your work be art.

6. Relationships are the Most Important Thing

  • Ever hear the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Well this statement is true.
  • Get out and make real connections in real life, not just online.
  • Foster relationships, seek to contribute to other people’s lives, rather than seeing what you can get out of them.

Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur you’re never in this alone. You have clients, partners, contractors, students, etc… Appreciate every single one of them. Foster those relationships!

7. Live your Dreams Now

  • Don’t wait until you’re “successful” to live your dreams.
  • Live them as best as you can right now, exactly where you are.
  • Incorporate doing something you love & enjoy (outside of work) everyday.

Make “some day” today. Why? Because you can. It doesn’t take money to start living the essence of your dream life today, it just takes being creative, imaginative and committed.

8. Practice Meditation

  • Creating from stress and anxiety is not productive.
  • We wear many hats as entrepreneurs (and family people). Meditation helps us find balance.
  • Creating from reaction is weak. Creating with presence and intention is powerful.

Meditation has single handedly been the greatest gift I’ve given myself. It has supported me to stay rooted in trust during some of my life’s most challenging, trying times. I can’t recommend a daily practice enough.

9. Make Exercise a Part of the Work Day

  • Healthy body creates a clear mind and productive work life.
  • Exercise helps “clear the mind” and make way for breakthrough ideas.
  • What’s the point of “being successful” if we have shitty health?

Every day at work should include 60 minutes of exercise that gets you present, in your body and raising your heart rate. Do something you enjoy and preferably gets you outdoors in nature (when possible).

10. Enjoy the Journey. Do what excites you.

  • One day you’ll be dead.
  • How do you want to look back on this time in your life?
  • Why not do what excites you?

So many entrepreneurs get stuck in the end game, forgetting that there are a million steps and tiny details between where they are and where they want to be. Enjoying where you are in this step of the journey makes the whole experience so more rewarding.

11. Take Radical Action

  • Don’t overthink it.
  • If it feels good or exciting, then do it.
  • Take tons of action.

Positive thinking and intention setting are all fine and dandy. But at the end of the day, it is taking tons of action that gets you where you wanna be. Take one important step every single day!

We’d love to hear any strategies you implement that weren’t talked about today. Share in the comments section below. Curious about the Great eCourse Adventure? Check out the mountain over here. 

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Daniel Doherty says November 27, 2016

Napoleon Hill said that 87% of people drift through life with no major definite purpose. I’d suggest it’s not necessarily that they are unhappy, but their ability to set and achieve a significant goal is elusive. A friend–volleyball coach– developed the End Point Vision (EPV) system to train athletic skills and now applies it to life planning for greatness. I started as his publisher, and seeing great results, am now developing online training to help people develop the skills, practices and habits that successful people use to achieve their highest goals. The EPV system complements the strategies shared by Bradley in the habits and Strategies podcast.

    Andy Freist says March 3, 2017

    Awesome Daniel. Thanks for sharing!

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