Why I deleted my Facebook Account

After 3-years of wanting to walk away from Facebook, I finally did it on January 1st.

I was tired of my addictive behaviours.

I was tired of all the distraction from my purpose and creative potential.

I was tired of artificial relationships that lacked in depth and human connection.

So I quit. 

The reason I held onto it for so long, was because I feared losing contact with friends and family.

But honestly, if I lose contact with them because I left Facebook, then we probably never really had anything anyway.

I also feared what would happen to my businesses if I left. Would I fail? Would I lose clients and income?

But when I really thought about it, all of my success has come from cultivating real relationships with real people…

NOT from spouting my every waking thought into a meme on my Facebook wall.

Considering the tremendous amount of time I have given to social media in the last decade, I have received very little return on investment in the form of money or meaningful friendships.

Not to mention, I will never ever get those hours back. EVER!

When coaching a group at the end of last year, I asked everybody to write down how many hours per year they think they spent on social media in 2017. Some of them shared with honesty (and regret) that altogether, they spent between 750-1500 hours using Facebook and other time-sucking sites like it.

Imagine what YOU could do with all of that time if you were to channel it into your creativity and purpose…

Gone are the days of scrolling the wall mindlessly.

No longer will I check my notifications to see if anybody “likes me”.

Never again will I be send my friends messages while pooping.

Nuh-uh. Not me anymore.

I am here to express my creative potential and Facebook was an enormous energy leak for me.

I feel liberated and exhilarated at the newfound mental freedom and clarity I now have.

Now that my profile is deleted, I find myself drawn to pick up real books, hang out with real friends or to just simply sit and stare out the window. It’s absolutely glorious!

So my question to you, how is your Social Media relationship serving you, your real relationships and your mission in life?

Is it filling your cup or taking your eye off the reason you’re here on Planet Earth?

How many hours are you spending on social media? Is it worth it?

What else could you do with that time?

If social media isn’t your thing, what time-wasters could you let go of this year?

What could you do instead?

Share your thoughts or reflections in the comments section below.


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Emma Hall says January 6, 2018

Thank god for sanity. I have long since shared the view that Facebook was a complete waste of my time-from the hours lost to this complete ridiculous need to be ‘liked’ and yet, I was berated for not ‘liking’ others posts and not lending my memes to the banal of what I just ate for dinner! I am all about progress and future directions but my art is still gained from deep conversations, walks outside and precious me time spent immersed in meaningful prose. I salute you for taking action and although my own Facebook is well and truly dormant, I shall too get rid!! High fives!!!!

Megan says January 6, 2018

I guess I keep my facebook around because I need to keep my Facebook page for my business up. I do get quite a bit of work and networking opportunities from various groups I am in.

I do want to delete it at some point though. I’ve decided to spend a lot less time on it going forward, so maybe after a year of limited time I will see if I can just pull the plug.

Jennifer says January 6, 2018

Awesome! And brave. I often think about HOW can I get out of social media when I am dependent on using FB as a mode to communicate my upcoming programs and events? Plus, I sell my jewelry 100% of the time from FB posts. Yet, I find myself telling people “Hey if you don’t have a business, get off social media”. My life partner got rid of social media 2 years ago and he doesn’t miss it one bit. I am so curious to hear how you will continue to grow your business and communicate with others without social media? What are some other avenues? What are your thoughts about FB live as a platform for sharing your message and what would you recommend instead? Super curious to hear from you and others. Thanks for paving the way of a potentially new/old way of doing business. Cheers, Jennifer.

Tracey (a.k.a. "toweller") says January 6, 2018

Happy New Year Bradley!!

I had to jump in and tell you this quick: I wrote the very same stuff about Facebook in my journal this morning! Then I saw your email and thought I was seeing things! LOL

One difference though: I’ve logged out rather than deleting it all together. I’ll take the month and see what it’s like to go without it after 12 years and then decide what to do next. I’ve reconnected with some old and dear friends via my Facebook profile, so I’m just not sure about doing the full-on delete quite yet.

Really, for me it boils down to questions around addictive response, creative time and energy loss, and self-esteem from within rather than the “fake-esteem” garnered from seeing that like number rise. (Never mind the politics and “salesy behaviour” that has grown so tiresome.)

I’m curious to see how this goes but I can say already that, like you, the space created in Facebook’s absence already feels light and full of wonderfully real things.

Cheers to a new year full of new potentials!!

Adam Von Ins says January 8, 2018

Social media, well, it depends.

Family: For me, Facebook makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family. Is it necessary. Absolutely not. It just makes it easy to share with multiple aunts and uncles with one click.

Business: Yes. it serves us, but at what cost? We use facebook as a primary means to connect with new people, to “wow” them with cool badass stuff we accomplish. Both with our personal accounts, business page and course groups. It starts the credibility and trust chain with potential new students. However, we must always be on our best behavior. We must be critical in what we post and who sees it. While social media does drive us a significant amount of leads, social media is no longer social. It has become a marketing channel.

In the grand scheme of life , it does allow me to share and experience high vibration energy with others. But, i must sift through a ton of low vibration stuff to get there. I’ll give this more thought and get back to you…


Adam says January 8, 2018

Good stuff, I applaud your decision.

My work involves advertising on FB for clients so I won’t delete it. However I have recently decided that won’t scroll down my wall and I’ll only see something if I’m tagged. I’m free and only use FB when I’m making income.

All the best,
Adam G

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