Flesh out the First Draft of your Highly Engaging eCourse in 60-Minutes {Webinar Workshop}

In the webinar workshop below, I am going to take you through a process that teaches you the three key pillars that are required for creating transformational, awesome and effective eCourses.

If you follow along with the exercises, you can expect to:

  • Come up with a clear and concise end result that your student achieves by going through your course
  • Flushed out the first draft of your course lessons and modules
  • Given your course a creative “theme” that will help bring your lessons to life
  • Brainstormed some challenge and gamification ideas to make your course more engaging
  • Clarified your course community’s mission and plan

As you do the exercises, the goal is to not get it perfect, it is simply to create a rough outline that can be refined later.

If you achieve the results listed above or have some qusstions, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below!

*The following video is from a 90-minute coaching session I did with Great eCourse Adventure students. I edited out about half of the workshop, including the Q & A at the end. We do webinar workshops like this EVERY WEEK. If you want to participate, just sign up as a member at The Great eCourse Adventure and you’ll be invited. Your first 14-days are on the house.

Workshop Notes:

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