Could Alignment be your key to longterm success and happiness?

I think no matter what “industry” or work we do, our success (not just monetary) comes from alignment.

  • Are you truly living in alignment with your passion and values?
  • Do you really believe in what you’re putting out in the world or are you just doing it to pay the bills?
  • Are you treating your work like an art-form?
  • Are you dedicated to personal mastery with your craft or are you looking for a quick payout.
  • Do you think longterm in your actions and planning or are you stuck in the limitations of month-to-month mode?
  • Is who you want to be aligned with what you are doing?
  • Are you stretching yourself creatively to stand out or are you hiding by doing things the same as everyone else?
  • Are you claiming your unique point of view based on your life experience or are you regurgitating what everyone else says to stay safe.

If living in alignment, then the journey of being an entrepreneur and human is a transformational one (for us and for the people our work will touch).

What is your personal practice for staying in alignment with your core passions, values and lifestyle desires with the work you do?

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