If a comet hit the Earth in a year, what would you change?

When we built the Great eCourse Adventure, we did it because we were disgusted with the eLearning industry. We wanted to be a solution to an ever-expanding problem.

The quality of courses available online are far below the industry’s potential, given the tools and technology available to us today.

The reason is, most people creating courses are motivated by money, rather than transforming lives and and building something meaningful.

To us, charging $2000 for a crappily produced powerpoint presentation is absurd (even though we used to do it).

The other thing that makes us shake our heads at the industry is all the bullshit, hyped up marketing. 

We see good people employing manipulative marketing methods all the time because some douchebag salesman on the internet said it would increase their conversions.

We’ve been online entrepreneurs for quite a few years. We’ve been making the majority of our income from the internet all that time. We’ve employed many of those shady techniques and have built a few lame eCourses of our own.

But the entrepreneurial journey is a never-ending quest to know and express one’s self in the world.

At the end of the day it comes back to this question, “If a comet was going to hit the Earth in a year, what would you change?”

How would you do business?

What would you change about your lifestyle?

What sort of meaningful things would you create?

What message would you share with the people around you and the world?

Whatever the answer is to those questions, why aren’t you doing them now, or how can you do them more.

The world is waiting for your gift.

Don’t wait for a comet to collide with our planet before you start being authentic in your expression and work.

Your true evolution will happen when you align your choices with the life and work you really want to be doing.

Listen to the full conversation and ponder life’s greatest questions with us. We’d love to know your thoughts. Share down below.

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