Enough with the Crappy Opt-in Bribes. Do this Instead..

Every website you go to now has an opt-in bribe. 

“Sign up for my newsletter.”
“Get my free eBook or video series.”
“Download my free cheat sheet or hack.”

and the list of free things in exchange for an email address goes on and on and on…

But have you ever heard the expression, “Your first impression is your last impression?”

Well, the majority of the free offerings out there leave a pretty mediocre taste in your mouth.

So when someone gets your freebie and they have a “meh” experience, they’re going to think that the rest of your offerings are pretty, “meh” as well.

Even worst is after receiving your “un-Meh-morable” freebie, you start launching into sales pitches to buy your “premium” offering.

Goodness gracious, do you have any idea what that is doing to your reputation in the eyes of the person receiving those emails?

Whereas your intention should be to blow those newcomers minds and knock their socks off with your free offerings.

Rather than up cycling some old, dusty content or quickly slapping something together in a day for the sake of being able to collect email addresses, you should be crafting a work of art for these people that adds real value and transformation to their lives.

Your free offerings are just as important as your paid offerings.

But most don’t see it this way..

They are so focused on getting an email address and selling their program to those new “leads,” that they miss the most important thing…

Building a relationship.

and how do you build a relationship? 

Through Trust (with a capital T).

Well, how do you build trust then…?

By giving them an experience worth sharing.
By showing them you can be trusted.
By proving yourself as a guide.

Marketing tactics may lead to a quicker sale, but they do NOT build trust. 

At eCourse Adventures, we have invested a lot of time and energy into our free offerings. The result has been instant trust and us creating raving fans who share our work for us.

Take a look for yourself at the lengths we go to for our free offerings.

Courses Worth Sharing is an interactive, choose your adventure website that teaches you how to craft an online course that your students love and you’re proud to share. {no opt-in is even required for this one}

The Art of eCourse Creation Masterclass is an outer space-themed eLearning adventure that teaches you how to create a whole brain learning experience that keeps your students engaged and inspired until the transformation is complete.

Our recommendation to you is this:

Take a look at your free offerings.

Are they the kinds of things that could potentially go viral from students sharing them, because they’re so good?

If the answer is no, then ask yourself where you need to step up your game and make improvements?

Because honestly, this day and age with all of the noise and awesome people sharing their life’s work in amazing ways, if what you’re offering isn’t mind-blowingly good (or effective), it isn’t going to get noticed or appreciated.

And you owe it to yourself and the world to do your best work…
even if it takes a bit more time!

Questions? Comments? Share your voice down below. We’d love to hear your thoughts too!


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Jenn says March 14, 2017

So glad to have found this as I re-launch my site with a new audience, etc (before having grown too big). You guys are completely changing my perspective (for the better) and I love it! Thank you!

Orion Carrier says April 1, 2017

I LOVE your perspective on this, Brad. And it comes JUST as I contemplate what to do about such matters. I love you.

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