How to create addictive, binge-worthy courses

Have you ever binge-watched a show on Netflix?

Isn’t it amazing how easy they make it to watch the next episode so you stay immersed in the story?

What if you could create a course as binge-worthy as your favourite shows on Netflix?

Well, that’s what we’re going to be writing about today.

The vast majority of courses out there are 110% boring.

Have you ever paid hundreds or thousands for a course only to find that it’s a scripted powerpoint presentation?

The sales pitch gets us all hyped up and excited.

But after a short time, we lose interest. We lose motivation. We move on to greener pastures.

We recently went through a Facebook Ads course where the guy was charging $2000 to read his slides word-for-word. It was absolutely ridiculous… and painstakingly boring. The info was great, but it was too much a bore to complete.

Is that what you want people to say about your course after they purchase it? 

As teachers and leaders, we can do better than this.
 Far better.

Just because we put some text and pictures to accompany the sound of our voice does NOT make it a good learning experience.

And it definitely doesn’t mean it’ll successfully facilitate the transformation we are promising.

Those of us in the eCourse industry need to bust out of the box and put our creative thinking caps on.

Creating a mind-blowing eCourse is about so much more than PDF’s, quizzes, private Facebook groups and talking head videos.

Those are all tools for us to use, but they are not the means to an end.

As an artist, they are our building blocks.

It’s what we do with them that creates the “Wow Effect” that keeps students engaged.

eCourse creation IS an art form.

It is the art of facilitating transformation.

When you start treating it this way, you open yourself up to a whole new way of looking at how you can build your courses.

Take a moment now and think about all of the ways we love consuming media in the modern world…

  • We love watching people’s Youtube channels and the creative ways they present their point of view,
  • We love the feeling of connection we get through social media and sharing,
  • We love the thrill of watching movies because they take us into another world,
  • We love listening to music and how it makes us feel,
  • We love playing games that stimulate us, make us think and reward us when we win,
  • We love watching documentaries and learning about things we’re curious about,
  • We love going to workshops, retreats, classes and courses that help us learn new skills and grow,
  • We love reading a good book or article that takes us into somebody else’s story,
  • We love animated videos and artful creations that are weird, different and fun to watch,
  • We love being entertained, inspired and shown new ways of doing or thinking about things.

How many eCourses have you come across that include these various kinds of engaging and inspiring media? (link to them in the comments section, we’d love to see!)

Very few course creators are approaching eLearning from this perspective, and this is a big problem.

Fortunately, it’s also a BIG opportunity.

There’s so much untapped potential and creativity in the eLearning space right now.

There’s so much space for being wildly creative, playing with new ways of facilitating transformation and expressing our gifts.

This is the name of the game at The Great eCourse Adventure. 

When we had the idea to turn our boring old course into an adventure, all of the lights and sirens started going off that we just stumbled upon some type of holy grail of online education.

Now, as we witness all of our students exploring new ways of educating their audiences, our hunch is being confirmed every single day.

Listen up!

You want to put your very best work out into the world, right?

The key is in treating online education as an artform.

Learning is far more effective when it’s fun (rather than painfully boring.)

Create courses that are enjoyable.

Create courses you would be fired up to consume

Don’t create the same ol’ stuff that makes learning a sucky and laborious experience.

Here are some questions for you to consider:

  1. How do you want your students to feel while going through your courses?
  2. What do you need to change about your approach in order to invoke that feeling in them?
  3. What rumour do you want people spreading about your course?

Just so you know we’re not full of beans, here is what some of our students have said in JUST the last week:

“I have done my fair share of ‘courses’ throughout the years, (Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, membership site bootcamp with Ryan Lee & Tim kerber…and i could go on and on!)  and you have given me more in just over a week than i got from any of them put together.” – Sara

“Pretty frickin’ incredible! Great alternative to Netflix with so much more potential for creativity!!” – Ne’ith

I binge-watched the video lessons all day. They are so fun! – Shannon

You want your students to say things like this about your course, right?

If you haven’t gone through Courses Worth Sharing, then be sure to check it out. It will take you deeper into the philosophies we’ve touched upon here in an enjoyable, interactive experience.

Lastly, what is ONE thing you’re going to change or improve upon to make your courses far more interesting and enjoyable to go through? Share in the comments below.

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