Are you taking enough shots?

I play about 200-250 rounds of golf per year.

I’ve been doing that for the last 5-years, since moving to Salt Spring Island BC.

Every time I play golf, I have four chances at a hole-in-one.

That’s more than 5000 chances at an ace in the last 5-years.

How many have I made in that time?


And that hole-in-one happened today.

It was a quiet and peaceful morning on the course.

Bonkers (my dog) and I were the only two in sight, due to the rains.

We were standing on the second hole (110 yards) and I hit one of those shots that felt like perfection.

I was fully present, fully in my body, and I made perfect contact.

As I held my finish, I watched in silence as my ball fell from the sky, landed 12-inches short of the pin, one hopped, and landed in the bottom of the cup.

There were no cheers. There were no high fives to give.

I enjoyed my special moment in perfect silence.

It was beautiful.

My heart felt overjoyed.

Golf is a lot like entrepreneurship in this way…

We can take thousands of shots at success.

And we can miss thousands of times.

But one day, if we keep shooting at the target long enough, we might just get our hole-in-one.

So if you’re dissatisfied with your results in business, then perhaps you need to take more shots?

Who knows, your next shot might be the one….

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