Let's Transform Online Education
(and have a lot of fun doing it)

You see, the way online courses are currently being taught has become outdated and ineffective. 

No longer is a powerpoint presentation, talking head video and PDF enough to keep your students engaged long enough to get the results they signed up for. 

How humans consume media and learn has completely transformed in the last decade. 

Which means, course creators must adapt to the specific needs of their audience in order truly to serve. 

Are you ready to create a course that your students love and you feel proud to promote?



We help teachers like you build eCourses that:

  • Your students WANT
  • Your students ENJOY
  • Your students COMPLETE
  • Your students are TRANSFORMED by
  • Your students TELL THEIR FRIENDS about

(did mention we have a lot of fun doing it too?)




Online Education IS the Future of Education.

We love learning everything we can about creating the most effective, mind-blowing online learning experiences possible. 

And to share our discoveries with our online community of adventurous course creators.

(oh ya, WHY? Because it's awesome!)

"The gardener does not make the plant grow.

The job of the gardener is to make the optimal conditions."

-Sir Ken Robinson​

A couple ways we can help you create the right conditions for your students.

Free Masterclass

The Art of eCourse Creation

Let us take you on a journey through time and space to learn a revolutionary new way to facilitate transformation and learning in the online world.

Our signature masterclass is going to teach you advanced strategies to build an eLearning experience that keeps your students active, engaged and inspired to succeed.

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Complete Training

The Great eCourse Adventure

This is our signature online course, community and coaching program for teachers, innovators and world changers who want to create world class online courses..

We offer you our step-by-step adventure, to help you vision, create and launch your highly creative, engaging, effective and cutting edge eLearning experience. 

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We also offer private consulting and course development services for companies, organizations and individuals who are looking to be on the cutting edge of education.

We invite you to join us as pioneers, dedicated to revolutionizing the online learning industry.

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Who are we?

Meet the team

Bradley T. Morris

eCourse Adventure Guide, Writer, Communicator and Transformation Facilitator

Since 2007, Bradley has taught more than 500 meditation, business and personal growth workshops and led retreats around the world. In 2012, he launched his first meditation course, which has since spanned more than 40 countries.

From the success of his various courses, he started coaching other teachers to build their own courses. ​

Over time, experimentation, research, trial and error and a whole bunch of fun, all of that has evolved into everything you see at The Great eCourse Adventure. 

For fun, he plays professional golf tournaments and about 250 sunrise rounds per year. 

More about Bradley at BradleyTMorris.com

Andy Freist

eCourse Adventure Guide, Digital Alchemist, Tech Wizard and Communications Designer

Andy is part tech geek, part marketer, part musician, and part artist. When he's not out playing music and producing transformational dance events, Andy spends his days channeling his love for technology and artistry into working with businesses and entrepreneurs.

He supports visionary entrepreneurs in creating powerful eCourse platforms and potent customer experiences.​

His specialty is online design, brand architecture and crafting engaging customer experiences from websites, eCourses to in person events and beyond.​

More about Andy at ZenTeach.com

Blair Francis Armstrong

Director of Video Production and Editor Extraordinaire

Co-founder of SoulFam Productions (with Bradley), Blair is a longtime producer, musician, composer, videographer, professional editor and creative genius.

Blair's ability to direct and create masterful video, music and soundscape compilations is the only reason Bradley & Andy have been able to turn their crazy idea into a reality.

More about Blair at SoulFamPro.com

Michael Mann

Chief Animator, Map Maker and Brand Designer

Michael A. Mann is a visual storyteller who uses the mediums of video, live performance, animation, graphic design and illustration to communicate with audiences.

Mr Mann loves using creativity and fun for for the world’s benefit and to help people have the life they want.

More about Michael at Mannkind.Flavors.me