Checkpoint 7

Camp MEdias


Camp Medias may look like a rundown shack on the side of a mountain, but you’ll be amazed at how knowledgeable the Medias Brothers are when it comes to crafting memorable media experiences for your students.

Given that video will be one of the most important teaching tools you use, you'll learn everything you need to know about creating professional, high quality and engaging course videos, on even the most modest of budgets.

This is way more than your typical tech tutorials that you find in other eCourses.

It is fun. It is incredibly creative. It will help you make videos your students actually want to watch.


1. Meet The Medias Brothers

2. Concept Design

3. Moodboarding

4. Outline & Storyboarding

5. Shot Breakdown

6. Finding Your Team

7. Rehearsal

8. The Gear to Get'er Done

9. Post-Production

10. Share It With The World