A Powerful Vision Mapping Session to pinpoint your shortfalls of 2017 and make a plan to fulfill your 2018 goals

Every year around Christmas and new years, I take 2-3 weeks to unplug from my businesses and endless to-do lists, to turn within and reflect on the year that’s passed and the new one to come.

I love the reset button that entering into a new year provides.

It also gives me an opportunity to take an honest look at habits, patterns, progress and set-backs so that I can take aim and set a new course.

If you want to offer yourself the gift of clarity going into the new year, below is a 30-minute visioning session from a recent coaching webinar I facilitated with our eCourse Adventure trail pass holders.

It is the condensed version from a 90-minute session.

Grab a journal, press play and stop to write and reflect after each question.


Let me know what sort of things you’re inspired to create this year! Share below.

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