20 Critical Questions to Ask Before, During and After Building your eCourse

The greater the questions we ask ourselves and the more truthfully we answer, the more likely we are to be fulfilled and successful with our endeavours.

In fact, in November 2015 when setting out to revamp our eCourse Creation Blueprint course and community, we were standing on a mountain top and posed the question, “Would we have purchased our course if we found it 3 years prior when we needed it most?”

When we got a unanamous “NO,” we knew it was time to pivot.

Here’s a 4-minute audio clip from our interview on Entrepreneur on Fire with the story.

The questions we’ve asked ourselves are what spurred us to build an adventure, rather than an ordinary course.

It’s what inspired us to drop our prices from $1,000 to a simple $35/month.

It’s why we opted to take 9-months to build an entertaining eCourse, rather than two weeks to build a boring one.

Sure, some of the answers to our questions have led us to do far more work than most people.

But in answering them truthfully and following through with integrity, we have created a masterpiece.

By continually staying true to our hearts, we are building a business that we believe in.

So get out your journal and answer the following 20 questions…

Questions to ask before creating your course:

What kind of course could I create that would get me really excited (right now)?

What are my motivations for building this course?  (red flag if money is the #1 reason)

Am I willing, able and excited to dedicate the necessary time and energy into this project right now?

What do I hope the outcome of creating this eCourse is? (for me and my student)

What if it fails?

What if it becomes wildly successful?

Questions to ask when stepping into the creative process of building your eCourse:

What kind of experience would keep me engaged and excited long enough to complete the course? (brainstorm ideas)

What could I create that would actually inspire me enough to pull out my wallet and buy my course?

What creative elements would I love to add to my course to bring it to life?

What creative people do I know and like that I could ask to work with me on my course?

What creative talents, interests or passions do I have that could be infused into my course to make it more awesome?

Questions to ask when creating each lesson:

Is the message and point clear in this lesson?

Do I believe what I am sharing?

Do I have proof that what I’m sharing works? (if yes, tell a story)

Is the call to action (what they’re supposed to do next) clear in this lesson?

Is this lesson interesting or engaging?

Is this lesson my best work or could I make it better somehow? (if yes, brainstorm how)

Questions to ask when launching your course:

Do I believe in what I’ve created (truly)?

What would I be willing to pay for my course (charge that amount to start)?

It is best not to rush to your launch and instead take the extra moments to answer questions like the ones asked here. By doing this, you will spark a whole new series of ideas that are better than you can possibly imagine.

Your future students will thank you for taking this time right now.

Trust us!

What kind of answers did you discover from doing this journaling exercise? Share in the comments below. We’d love to hear! 

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